7 things you need to know about sex

The 7 things you need to ask about sex
From Alison Armstrong

  1. What sex provides for you?
    Don't assume you know this about your partner or that they know this about you. We all assume it's the same for each other or the same as for much younger men and women.

  2. What fills your "Sexy Tank?"
    What puts you in your body and open to physical intimacy?

  3. Your "Pumpkin Hours?"
    When are the times that a request for sex from your partner would cause resentment ~ for example because of lost sleep or another focus?

  4. Your "Signals?"
    How do you indicate the desire for sex to your partner? If you've been getting turned down, he might not even be receiving your signal!

  5. Your "Desserts?"
    What will you "eat" even when you're not hungry? What is always a great offer?

  6. Your "Jump Starts?"
    Every man and woman has words, phrases, tones of voice and/or ways to be touched that jump start a dead battery and make you want to have sex NOW!

  7. Your "End Game?"
    What do you need in the minutes, hours and days after sex? To feel appreciated, respected or loved? It's okay to need a phone call, even when you're married!
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