Transbay Terminal closed at midnight


There were about seven to 10 homeless people who did not want to leave the Transbay Terminal. It was really hard for some of them to let go.

"It's got shelter, it's got overhangs, and stops the wind. A lot of people come here to sleep at night," said David Lansing who is homeless.

A homeless outreach team has been walking the perimeter of the terminal every day for the past two months, trying to convince the homeless to move into a shelter.

With the midnight deadline approaching, they were able to make significant progress.

"The big news today is that we actually moved 17 people out of the Transbay Terminal and into shelter, housing and detox. It's the most people we've had move in on one day," said Dariush Kayhan the San Francisco director of homeless policy.

The outreach team also planned to search for people forced out of the terminal in the morning to try to convince them to move into the shelters.

For commuters they will have to catch their busses at the new temporary Transbay Terminal at Main and Howard streets.

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