Fifth rape attempt at Walnut Creek apartments


Police say a man tried to shove a woman into an apartment just before 8 p.m. Saturday. She fell down a flight of stairs while fighting him, but she was successful at chasing him off.

"So scary. We're just wondering when this is going to end and what else is going to be done," Maddie Murphy says.

Murphy and her roommates have had a chain lock installed on their door since the attacks. They also have "Petey" their pit bull and they always use the buddy system. They still do not feel safe.

"I keep mace next to my bed every day. I wake up to little noises now more than I ever have. It's just always at the forefront of your mind," Murphy's roommate says.

Police blame the first three attacks on 22-year-old Antonio Mouton and say they have DNA to prove it. He is in jail, accused of one rape and two attempted rapes. His bail is set $12 million.

Investigators have a description of the man who committed the fourth sexual assault and are waiting to talk to the victim of this fifth crime. The apartment complex has added security guards, but residents would still like to see them work harder to protect them.

"They're not checking cars in and out on a regular basis, and things like that. We need to do more than just having more bodies in and around the complex," Emily Wetzel says.

"We've also asked what is the process for getting out of a lease, and they have told us there's no way out of it unless we are going to pay the difference which is a little too much for us right now," Murphy's roommate says. "So, there's no way out."

The latest victim was taken to a hospital because of her fall down the stairs. She was not sexually assaulted. Police do not have a description of her attacker yet, so they do not know if the last two assaults were committed by the same man.

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