San Pablo City Council tries to keep Lake Elementary open

January 11, 2011 10:06:40 AM PST
On Monday night, a bit of a relief came for parents and students who attend Lake Elementary School in San Pablo. The city council is working on a way to keep the doors open next fall.

In a crowded council chamber, the San Pablo City Council gave the city manager the go ahead to try to find the funds needed to keep Lake Elementary School in San Pablo open for one more year.

"In the last two years the city council has voted to commit $600,000 to keep Lake open for two more years. So it is a matter of crunching numbers, looking at agreements, looking at our own city budget to see what is feasible or not," said San Pablo Council Member Leonard McNeil.

"Clearly the council has signaled that they're interested in keeping this neighborhood school and they want to work with us in a long term relationship to help that happen," said School Superintendent Bruce Harter.

Summer Parker went to Lake Elementary. She was at the meeting with her two kids that are students there now. The night was a big victory in keeping the neighborhood school open.

"Since last year we knew it was going to close down and we still are fighting for it and we really want the school to stay open and she says 'Save the school, save Lake,'" said Parker.

About 430 students attend Lake Elementary. The council expects operating costs to run about $300,000. The council also pushed for the forming of a partnership, a long-term financial plan between the city and the school district.

"It's very, very difficult, particularly in light of what the governor's proposals that have just come out and that exacerbates everything. So I noted there is support, it's a matter of looking at it to see if we have the resources," said McNeil.