Fried butter served up at Iowa state fair

Attorneys Fletcher Alford (left) and Doug Scullion from the San Francisco-based Gordon & Rees law offices snack on a stick of fried butter at the Iowa State Fair. (Photo by Michael M.)

August 11, 2011 1:13:14 PM PDT
The Iowa State Fair is currently under way, serving up some of the most curious food you'll find anywhere.

This year's highlight includes deep fried butter on a stick: An eighth of a pound of butter dipped into a batter that's heavy on cinnamon and honey.

The concoction is then cooked in a fryer for three minutes. When it comes out, most of the butter is melted into the mix, but the "on-a-stick" item still has a juicy center.

People who have tasted it say it's like a cinnamon roll or French toast.

Officials say the unique snack is meant to honor the 100th birthday of the fair's butter cow.