Sac. Valley couple narrowly avoids Italian cruise ship

January 17, 2012 12:21:26 PM PST
A Sacramento Valley couple, who avoided the cruise ship disaster off the Italian coast through sheer luck, is resting at home after flying back and telling an unflattering story of the captain.

James and Maria Groff returned to San Francisco International Airport at midnight. They exited the Costa Concordia in the port before it sank. The ship would go down only a few hours later.

Mr. Groff had a chance to meet the captain and was not impressed by him.

"We actually met the captain several times. The captain's table was right next to ours at our dinner seating. And my first impression, I even told my wife, I said 'that captain there doesn't care about anybody but himself.' His whole era about him was - and that's just a first impression," said James Groff.

Groff said his state room ended up under water.