Pedestrian killed in Mountain Views auto collision


Police say the pick-up was going north on Shoreline when it hit the pedestrian. The man that was hit was not carrying an ID, but police say he was a white man in his 20s. The man was identified Tuesday afternoon as 26-year-old Erik Onorato.

The driver stopped, called 911 and waited for police, who say he was not drunk or drug impaired.

Police are looking for witnessesmay have seen the accident happen. Specifically, police were looking for one woman was at the scene but left before giving police a statement. After seeing media reports about the crash, she contacted the police.

"There was a woman who very graciously, a good Samaritan, stopped immediately and actually started performing CPR on the pedestrian in an effort to revive him," Mountain View Police spokesperson Liz Wylie said. "When an officer arrived and took over the CPR, she left and we never got her name or a statement for her and we are thinking that perhaps she saw the collision happen, in which case she would be our only independent witness at this point."

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