Intel launches first chips of new generation

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Intel claims its new quad-core processor is breakthrough technology that keeps up with consumers expecting faster speed and high-resolution graphics.

"Users can expect faster HD video, faster graphics for things like mainstream games, and also just general overall better performance and responsiveness on their PCs," Intel senior product marketing manager, Dan Bingham, said.

The improvements are possible thanks to a new chip design. A year ago, Intel announced the creation of a 3D transistor redesigned with miniature fins, instead of a traditional flat profile. Six million of the tri-gate transistors can fit on a dot the size of a period at the end of a sentence. The fin design helps improve capability while using less power.

"On average we're getting about 20 percent average lower power on this new line of processors, and what this enables, of course, is thinner, lighter designs… the lower heat, which means there's less fan noise," Bingham said. "Just more stunning designs."

Intel says the quad-core processors will benefit any user, but consumers who like to watch HD video or play games will see a noticeable difference. The first desktop computers utilizing the new processor will come out this week. Other versions of the processor will be deployed later for laptops. High-end digital photographers will also see improvements in speed.

"The file sizes are very large, so the more processing power and the more bandwidth you can put into the processor and into the PC will only help these prosumers," Bingham said.

What Intel has done will give it a competitive edge to those who make and use desktops and laptops, and the tiny finned transistor is likely to do the same for smartphones and tablets down the road.

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