Mountain lion and cub spotted in Redwood City park


Officers went door-to-door to warn residents in the area and signs were posted for people to use extreme caution.

A resident, whose house backs up against the park, reported they saw an adult mountain lion and a cub in the park. Police did not find any tracks or physical evidence of a mountain lion.

Back in March 2011 a female mountain lion was shot and killed in a Redwood City backyard by Department of Fish and Game officers who said the big cat was jumping from house to house. Officials couldn't get a clear shot with a tranquilizer gun and they said the mountain lion was hissing at people.

This recent sighting happened in an area where mountain lions are often spotted. Police felt they should warn people since the days are longer and people stay in the parks until dusk, which is the key time mountain lions can come out. They also say there's a reason for concern since there are a lot of kids in the park this time of year participating in summer camps and activities.

If you happen to encounter a mountain lion anywhere in the Bay Area, experts say you should stand your ground, stand tall, wave your hands, yell at the mountain lion, and very slowly step-by-step back away from it.

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