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Show topic: Digital Divide

September 2, 2012
Digital Divide
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

This week's episode of "Beyond the Headlines" discusses the digital divide; the ever growing gap between those who have the access and skill set to use modern day technology, and those who don't. Our show takes a look at how people and programs are working to make technology accessible to those in the margins, and asks the question of what are companies doing to close the gap on the other side.

In the Bay Area broadband internet access is at an all time high, having grown leaps and bounds over the last 5 years, yet about one fourth of those in the Bay Area still don't have high speed access. We explore the stigma of being someone who is not technically savvy, and give you advice on the more accessible companies and products.

Today's guest range from those who help others to bridge the gap of the digital divide, to those who are working to gain access to newer forms of technology. We also hear from an expert in the field.

Studio Guests

Anne Hinton
Executive Director
Department of Aging and Adult Services for the City and County of San Francisco

Donald Bell
CNET Senior Editor
Twitter: @Donald

Additional Information
30th Street Senior Center

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