Daly City residents fear rain after flood


After what the Daly City neighborhood has been through, it's no surprise that some residents are worried about the rain over the next couple of days. A broken water pipe sent nearly 98,000 gallons of water down a hillside Tuesday morning, which left behind several feet of mud on Lausanne Avenue.

Most of it has been hauled away, except for what accumulated on Hillside Park. What residents don't want is for the rain to carry that mud down their street for a second time.

"I'm concerned that there's another mudslide going on and more damage to whatever cars are parked and even if our homes are going to be affected," said Neil Agbayani, a Daly City resident.

But Daly City's director of Water and Wastewater Resources, Patrick Sweetland, says crews have taken measures to keep the mud in place. They've surrounded it with hay bales, placed netting over the edges, and uncovered a storm drain in the middle of the park that had been buried.

"So basically what we're trying to do is just let the water that would fall in the curb and gutter, just go in the curb and gutter. That's not to suggest that we're not going to have muddy water, but we're certainly not going to have the major mud flow that occurred with the main break that took place on Tuesday morning," said Sweetland.

City workers will be inspecting the area during the rain over the next couple of days. They also encourage residents to keep an eye out and if they notice trouble to call them right away.

"I'm pretty sure they had the engineers come over and take a look at what needs to be covered and what needs to get done and hopefully what they decided should happen works," said Clarence Agbayani, a Daly City resident.

Experts have taken a look at the hillside where the water pipe broke and they say it appears stable.

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