Furniture repair business booming during holidays

Though the holidays are always a big time for retailers, one other business is seeing a holiday rush.

Union Square is packed. The cash register is slammed. Traffic is a mess. But if you thought retail was the only business booming this holiday season, then you haven't met Alex Baker. He's the furniture repair guy. And in the countdown to Christmas, he's been getting a workout.

"I've been consistently doing five, six jobs a day," Baker said. "Which for me, it's a busy day."

His company, Fibrenew, fixes vinyl and leather, among other things.

Furniture repair customer Kim Morrow was getting work done just in time for the arrival of the in-laws, "We got my parents, my sister, my husband's parents and his brothers as well."

When you live in a house with kids, Morrow stains can come out of nowhere, "This this is my daughter Olvia. She's one and a half, and she's very calm right now, but usually she's the one that likes to decorate the furniture."

With the screams of children echoing in the background, Baker goes to work. He says he's seen a lot this holiday season, and not just from kids.

"Pets are the biggest culprit," Baker said. "Kids, you know you can control your kids to some extent, but pet damage on furniture is a big issue." It's even bigger, because so many people wait until the holidays to fix it.

"You see that a lot," Baker said. "And for me, it's much better if we can catch it early. A cut in vinyl, cause that can rip right open."

Never mind the fancy tools, a hairdryer is the last step in the process so there's no residue left behind.

"They can lick it, they can eat on it, and they do eat on it," Morrow said.

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