Club review: 2013 Adams Super S Idea Hybrid

At 9am, however, the drizzle fizzled. The sky cleared. We had an opening. "Nobody else out there," said resident pro Tom Zahradka. "Why not go cross-country?"

Ever heard of it? We played the golf course backwards, beginning in front of the 18th green, playing to the 17th, all the way through the course, back to a finish on the 18th, again. At Richmond Country Club, we calculated the circuit to be a par-78, at least.

And, it provided an opportunity to test a brand new club from Adams Golf, a 17 degree Super S Idea Hybrid. I developed an interest in this club after hitting some of company's clubs during a demo day, last year. If their hybrids were good then, could they be better now?

The answer is a resounding yes, beginning with appearances. The stainless steel club head is now a pure, pristine, white, with black and grey on the sole and hitting area. Granted, a club's look has nothing to do with the physics of hitting a golf ball, but this one stands out at address, and that inspires confidence.

The Idea Super S Idea Hybrid has a quality feel. That includes the black, white, and red-lettered, stitched head cover. This year's club has a new sole slot, plus a new thinner and longer one on the crown. Combined, they have increased the so-called "hotness" of its stainless steel face. The two slots are pronounced enough that if you take a practice swing at speed, they make a whistling sound through the impact area. You've heard of those older clubs named bafflers? Well, the Adams Super S Idea Hybrid is a whistler. I kind of like it.

My right-handed model came with a stock, Matrix Kujoh shaft in a stiff flex at 40.75 inches. It weighed in at D-1. My personal preference would be to make the club heavier at D-3 or D-4, but for most players, D-1 allows a faster swing speed, which equates to more distance. The standard Adams Tour Elite grip is tight, and lines up perfectly with the club head. It's a bit firm for my taste, but no big deal to swap out for something softer. I am likely to do that, and also plug some powder into the hosel to increase the weight. Given those steps, this club will feel and look flat-out perfect.

Performance-wise, this club lives up to its billing. Taking the Adams Super S Idea Hybrid cross-country proved to be a perfect test. Practically every swing was a trouble shot. We bent balls played though, around, and over trees, fairways, water, and the driving range. I used the Adams quite a lot, that day. The club was long, forgiving, and workable from tees, fairways, roughs, and even the occasional sand trap. Mostly, I found it to be straight when required. When in trouble, you want a reliable stick.

This is certainly a club you may want to try and consider. The Adams Idea Super S Hybrid comes in six lofts ranging from 17 to 28 degrees, which provides plenty of options. If the club was that good playing backwards, you might like it even better when playing a golf course as designed.

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