East Bay gets early preview of summer temps


The hot temperatures didn't stop firefighters from conducting a controlled burn at Sycamore Grove Park. The winds died down some from Wednesday and they got some overnight relief in the way of moisture.

"Normally three days of high heat and dry weather, we tend to open up cooling centers for the seniors and that type of thing we haven't had to do that yet," Livermore Fire Batt. Chief Jack Neiman-Kimel said.

At the Livermore senior center, the big draw wasn't the air conditioning, it was the lunch and the pool table. And at the recreation department's pool, people were swimming more for exercise than escaping the heat.

It's all in what you're used to and out in Livermore they're used to hot. Residents are more than willing to share their tips for keeping cool.

"I use a method called Texas air conditioning -- open the windows in the morning when it starts to heat up, close them all draw the shades and pray that the inside doesn't get too hot," Leslie Haas said.

Victor Argula puts a fine mesh netting over his back yard gazebo.

"So that keeps it 15-20 degrees cooler; I can sit out there in 100 degrees and it's like 80," he said.

But Virgil Stanger may have the best strategy.

"I love to eat ice cream when it's hot outside because it chills the body," he said.

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