Mountain lion spotted for 2nd time in Lafayette backyard


Tina Glenn was watching the baseball game Tuesday night when she paused to step into her backyard for a moment. She won't soon forget what happened next -- a large mountain lion was right there, standing in her backyard. Her nephew snapped a photo of the big cat before it ran off.

"It's pretty big," she said. "It's quite large, you can tell by the photo."

Last Saturday, a mountain lion was spotted sitting in a tree, also in Glenn's backyard.

"I'm not going in the backyard at night again; we ran back in the house closed the windows," Glenn said.

Fish and Wildlife wardens showed up Wednesday to investigate the two sightings in four days. They believe it is the same cat.

Wardens talked to Glenn about the sightings. They say the cat is likely hunting deer and not considered a threat.

That doesn't reassure Heather Travale and her 3-year-old son Nicholas.

"We were hoping they would trap and remove the animal instead of waiting for it to pass through; we have little kids," Travale said.

Wardens are giving neighbors a friendly warning -- don't feed wild animals and keep small pets inside at night.

Glenn says she's prepared.

"My two dogs are locked up in a house; we have doggy doors and they're closed," she said.

Wardens say they'll be back if there is another sighting and may take further action. Mountain lion attacks are rare, but if you encounter one, stand tall and back away slowly.

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