Manhunt underway after boy sexually assaulted in Berkeley


Around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, at the bathrooms not far from a busy playground area, a man with distinctive green and white dreadlocks managed to molest a boy in the men's room and get away before anyone could stop him.

While police were searching the Berkeley Marina late Tuesday afternoon for the suspect, Berkeley resident Karla Wray told ABC7 News she saw a man matching the suspect's description at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, in Downtown Berkeley. She saw him in a crosswalk along Shattuck Avenue and said, "He just stood out to me. He had uniquely whitish dreaded hair. His hair was weaved with white. It had kind of a different color to it."

Police are aware of the possible sighting and are following up on all leads. They're also maintaining a visible presence at the marina near the popular Adventure Park and the bathroom where the boy was assaulted. In fact, everyone at the park is on high alert, letting their kids play, but under the watchful eyes of concerned parents.

"I take care of my nephews and my niece all the time and now I know it's something to think about, not to let them go alone, not just walk around and not pay attention to where they are," said Laura Franco of Oakland.

"I think you just have to be careful as a parent, but at the same time enjoy where you are. There's has to be a balance," said Skye Christensen of El Cerrito.

Berkeley police are not yet releasing a sketch of the suspect. We're told detectives worked through the night trying to follow leads in this case.

Berkeley police are asking for anyone with information on this case to call detectives at: 1 (510) 981-5735

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