Bay Lights display receives donation to fix technical problems


If you've ever seen the Bay Lights display in action they are pretty amazing. They will be shining bright for the next two years thanks to a big donation.

Officials told ABC7 News that a solution is now in the works for the technical problems the display has had in the past couple of months and it involves calling more than an electrician. The Bay Lights went live March 5, but the salt air and the vibrations on the bridge called some of the lights to malfunction causing them to stay in the on position.

Philips, the company who makes the lights, is working to fix the technical problems while the creator is working to re-program the art displays algorithms. The Bay Lights project is privately funded and was $1.5 million short of its goal.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg stepped forward with that donation to keep the lights on for its two-year run.

"For me the Bay Lights, the fact that it exists has always been a beacon of community, of love and generosity and to watch the technical team and the community rally around the adversity that we were facing, it's now also a symbol of innovation, of creativity, of fortitude," Illuminate the Arts Chairman Ben Davis said.

"I think it's awesome, I think it's a draw to this part of town, I hope they stay longer than two years," San Francisco resident Annessa Brayer said.

A new light pattern will go into effect Friday night which will override any of the past technical problems.

The Bay Lights is the largest LED light display in the world.

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