Banned carry-on items get through Russian security

SOCHI, Russia

Homeland Security issued the warning Wednesday, saying it had credible information that terrorists may try to smuggle explosives on airplanes going into Russia.

Despite the warnings, however, -- air travelers heading to the Olympic city of Sochi say Russian airport security was surprisingly hassle-free.

One Australian man who flew from Moscow to Sochi said he had an empty one and a-half-liter water bottle that he was hoping to fill on the plane -- but that "no one checked it" or even asked about it. And six Associated Press employees arriving in Moscow or beginning their journey there were able to pass through security without having to remove toothpaste, hand lotion or water bottles from their carry-on luggage.

A Russian Transport Ministry spokeswoman says it's up to the airports to make sure a temporary ban on traveling with liquids is enforced.

The items people are being allowed to bring with them apparently vary based on where the people are traveling from. One AP journalist who was starting a three-leg trip to Sochi today in Detroit had to leave his toothpaste and deodorant behind after an airline official told him he couldn't bring those items to Russia in his carry-on luggage.

Olympic officials said Thursday morning Russian authorities are making every effort to ensure the safety of those attending the winter games in Sochi.

The first rounds started Thursday. The opening ceremony is Friday.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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