'Salute' picture soldier inspires fundraising effort

A wounded Josh Hargis saluting his commanding officer from his hospital bed.

February 17, 2014 5:05:44 PM PST
The soldier pictured in a photo that came to be known as the Salute Seen Around the World is fighting back.

Suicide bombers blew off Josh Hargis' legs below the knees in Afghanistan. The picture of the 24-year-old ignoring his agonizing wounds to salute his commander gained international recognition.

Now, he's been walking on prosthetic legs, going up and down steps with the use of a cane and working out in the gym. Hargis has also been riding a hand cycle on the street while his dog, Dent, runs alongside.

Other soldiers have started a two-week walk across Georgia, starting Monday, to raise money for Hargis and other soldiers.