Delta flight evacuates at Oakland Airport due to smoke


The video was shot by Linton Johnson, a passenger onboard the Delta connection Flight 4454, which was operated by SkyWest. Johnson said on his Facebook page that the plane's cabin filled with smoke and that the flight attendants yelled at passengers to exit the plane. The video shows a chaotic scene.

The Oakland Fire Department told ABC7 News they responded to the gate for a red alert.

The flight was flying from LA to Oakland and landed at 9:17 p.m. The emergency chutes were not deployed and the passengers exited through the main cabin door. As passengers exited the plane they were wondering exactly what happened.

The passengers were told to quickly evacuate the plane at the gate. There were 75 passengers were on board and there were four crew members. No one was injured.

A SkyWest spokesperson tells ABC7 News the source of the smoke came from an air conditioning pack and was not electrical.

Crews will inspect the plane overnight.

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