South Bay sibling bakers fundraising for children affected by Israel-Hamas war

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Friday, October 27, 2023
South Bay sibling bakers fundraising for kids in Middle East
Two Los Altos siblings are selling baked goods to raise money for kids affected by the Israel-Hamas war.

LOS ALTOS, Calif. (KGO) -- Some of the Bay Area's best young bakers are selling their sweet treats for a good cause.

On Thursday at the Los Altos Farmer's Market, Naiel Chaudry and his sister Punhal donated 100% of their proceeds to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

Naiel, a freshman at Mountain View High School, said young adults can also help innocent victims from the Israel-Hamas war.

"Just in general raising money, just helping the community - it's also a job that us children have to do because it's to better the community, better the world and that's not one specific group's job," Naiel said.

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New customers, regular customers and family friends showed up to give their support.

Los Altos resident Debbie Matityahu is a close family friend. Matityahu said with everything that is happening, she felt the need to show them their friendship is bigger than this.

"Being Jewish and being married to an Israeli - I think it's really important to be here and support them and show unity within the two communities, and show that there's humanity and show that we want innocent people to have care and support," Matityahu said.

The Chaudrys launched Lá Jawab Treats during the pandemic.

They're proud to create Asian American fusion desserts.

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In February, Naiel was the first Pakistani American teen to win $25,000 on Food Network's Kids Baking Championship.

A big motivation for this duo is representation.

"To this day, we get messages from people who are like, 'my kid was embarrassed about his culture or embarrassed about their religion and we saw you representing it,'" Naiel Chaudry said.

"I feel happy cause like kids, they come up to us - they say like 'you're our role model,'" Punhal Chaudry said.

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Last farmer's market, they raised $3,000 and during a pop-up event on Sunday, they raised $4,000.

Hassan Sipra and his family are regular customers.

"I think that is tremendous for kids at their age. And I really applaud the work that they're doing," Sipra said.

Matityahu said she's proud of their humanitarian effort.

"I think it's really important from a young age that life isn't just about us, and that it's really important to see the bigger picture and have sort of a more global and community view and they have it, they embody that," Matityahu said.

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