COVID test kits in short supply at some Bay Area stores. Here's where you can still find some

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Friday, September 1, 2023
COVID test kits in short supply at some Bay Area stores
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A spike in COVID19 cases this summer has Bay Area families searching for at-home test kits with no luck.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A spike in COVID-19 cases this summer has Bay Area families searching for COVID at-home test kits. Health experts says the tests have been hard to find, and some stores have sold out.

"It's better to be prepared," said Mary Currie from Novato.

Mary Currie has home COVID tests on her shopping list, but she can't find them anywhere.

"I went to Costco this morning, hoping to get some, then I came here to the CVS hoping to get some. They haven't had any since early August, they told me," Currie added.

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Several pharmacy chains in Marin County are sold out of tests, with employees telling customers to check back later. Online, we found a number of Walgreens stores showing test kits not available or in limited stock at stores in San Francisco and the East Bay.

"We're clearly seeing more transmission that's leading to more cases, more symptoms and more demand for tests," said Marin County Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis.

Dr. Willis says a summer surge in COVID cases is likely fueling demand for tests, along with students going back to school.

Those test kits may be in short supply into the fall season.

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A Walgreens spokesperson told ABC7 News, " We are seeing greater demand in this category nationwide, which may cause temporary and isolated shortages. We continue to restock those stores as quickly as possible to best meet customer demands."

A CVS store in Novato just got a fresh shipment of COVID tests. We also found plenty of kits available on Amazon, some with overnight shipping.

Dr, Willis says if you need to get tested right away, call your doctor.

"Your other option is going to your health care provider. They have tests as well," said Willis.

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