Bay Area could see 3 storm systems over the course of next 2 weeks, expert says

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Monday, March 27, 2023
Bay Area could see 3 storms in next 2 weeks, expert says
After the destruction left by several storms in recent months, people are dealing with genuine concern and fear of the coming storms.

BOULDER CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- After a sunny weekend, more rain and wind are on the way to the San Francisco Bay Area this week.

"I'm thrilled!" said Ace Annese sarcastically.

After the destruction left by several storms and at least three major wind events in recent months, that feeling may be the way some are dealing with the genuine concern and fear out there.

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"It was just terrifying, it's been really stressful," said Kenzie Stanley of Boulder Creek.

"I'm actually kind of scared 'cause it's really cold and my grandma doesn't want to be alone by herself," said Miricle Armstrong of the Bay Area.

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"In my mind, I'm prepping for Tuesday and I think I may just stay at my parents' house in San Jose Monday night and Tuesday night because I know roads are going to close but I need to go to work," said Stanley.

Stanley and her husband live in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They've seen trees come down on houses and in driveways, and then mudslides wipe out roads. She's even had to drive on top of and underneath downed power lines just to get places. Those lines were said to not have power in them, but it's still concerning for Stanley.

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"You could be driving and a tree is down and you either have a chainsaw in your car or you turn around," said Stanley.

Many are now wondering if these types of storms are the new normal.

"We may be entering a period where we don't get normal winters anymore," said professor and Department of Meteorology and Climate Science Chair Alison Bridger of San Jose State University. "We get abnormally wet or abnormally dry, so there is more of a swing going on but I think it's too soon to draw a conclusion that this is the new normal,"

Bridger doesn't expect Tuesday's upcoming storm to be as bad as last week's but says at least three storm systems, including Tuesday's could hit in the coming weeks.

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"If you believe the long-range models there might be another one late next weekend and if you believe the long long-range models there might be another one at Easter," said Bridger.

"I've been here for 35 years and this is the most rain I've seen in the entire time I've been living here," said Annese who continued saying, "Just hang on there boys and girls and we'll be alright I think in the long-term!"

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