Rain raises concern in Sausalito mudslide area

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Monday, February 25, 2019
Rain raises concern in Sausalito mudslide area
Crews are closely monitoring a hillside that gave way earlier this month in Sausalito. The mudslide sent a home crashing into another in the neighborhood.

SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- There is a swarm of workers on Sausalito Boulevard today trying to beat the storm as they work to secure the area where a mudslide happened more than a week ago.

City officials say employees will monitor the hillside during the storms.

"We will have people there during periods of heavy rain and probably the aftermath of heavy rain to watch out and see what is going on," said Sausalito Communications Director Abbot Chambers.

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Workers have put tarps, waddles and sandbags in place to divert water away from the slide area. Arborists are removing trees that were uprooted by the slide before they do more damage to the area.

"Because we are expecting more rain this afternoon. So there is a big high risk they can roll down the hill, someone could be driving or standing around and be crushed. So our priority is to get those two trees out of the hillside so the hillside can be a little safe," said Mauro Gasca with Marin County Arborists.

City officials say crews are working hard but it is an unstable situation.

"It's very difficult to predict where a slide is going to happen. We will be monitoring the slope carefully but encourage residents if you see something say something. There are lots of early indicators of a mudslide. For instance if you see water breaking out from an area of mudslide that you haven't seen before, small movements of earth, those are things that are important to report as soon as you see them. Err on the side of caution. Let us know if you see anything that seems unusual happening on the hillside," said Chambers.

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Residents have also been told to do some storm preps around the house, like packing a go bag. We asked a resident on Sausalito Boulevard, where the slide happened, if she will be staying there during this next storm.

"We trust that city officials saying we are able to come back in here that it is pretty safe. It would be negligent if it wasn't so we are staying put and doing the safety precautions," said resident Winnie Butt.

The slide on February 14 destroyed two homes and injured a woman who slid down the hill while inside her home. She was trapped in mud up to her neck, but was rescued and is ok.

Winnie Butts said while she plans to ride out this storm, her long term plan does not included staying in Sausalito.

"We are likely to move. We won't stay here long term. We have a baby. The lady that was washed down the hill was found because she stuck her hand out of the mud. A small child is not likely to do that. That makes me uncomfortable," she said.

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