Bay Bridge sideshow that stopped traffic ends with one driver arrested, CHP says

Byby Kate Larsen KGO logo
Monday, August 20, 2018
Driver involved in sideshow on Bay Bridge arrested, CHP says
A sideshow involving at least three vehicles on the Bay Bridge brought traffic to a complete stop.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A sideshow on the Bay Bridge shut down the westbound lanes of traffic Sunday morning and created miles of traffic for drivers heading into San Francisco.

VIDEO: Car burns rubber at Pier 30 parking lot in SF shortly after sideshow stopped traffic on Bay Bridge

A San Francisco woman captured video of a car burning rubber in the Pier 30 parking lot on Sunday. That took place about an hour after a three-car sideshow on the Bay Bridge shut down all five westbound lanes.

With their engines revving and tires screeching, three drivers decided to drive in circles across all five lanes of the Bay Bridge's upper deck at 10:45 Sunday morning.

"We responded. By the time we got there, most of the vehicles had fled the scene," said Officer Vu Williams with the CHP. But Williams says the driver of the white Ford Mustang convertible, 21-year-old Gabriel Rene Mora, crashed or broke an axle doing donuts. So without a working car to get away, the CHP arrested him for reckless driving.

"Fortunately though we had several good videos taken by bystanders that were able to help us document what happened and it will help us filing some of those charges," Williams said.

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Mora, who is from Stockton, was booked into San Francisco County jail for reckless driving, driving without a license, providing false information and resisting arrest.

An hour after the Bay Bridge sideshow, Mindy Greenberg, a San Francisco resident, shot cellphone video out her window of cars burning rubber in the Pier 30 parking lot, just south of the bridge.

Mary Moritz also lives nearby and heard the sideshow. "It was like, what the hell, there's all these little white cars going up the Embarcadero at excessive speeds and it was just chaos out here. I thought this is worse than usual," Mary Moritz and David Blende live near the Bay Bridge. The couple frequently calls SFPD about the car shows, which they say normally happen late at night and have become a noisy nuisance the past several years.

"They'll be back once or twice a week for sure and the police do come by and then they leave," explained Blended. "They need to fix this problem. Please! We need to sleep," added Moritz.

While ABC7 was shooting video of the parking lot, a small group showed up, driving in circles around barricades and shooting cellphone video of the show. But SFPD was not far behind and quickly ushered the group out of the parking lot. "It's pretty cool. It looks cool," said Izaih Rodriguez who was in the parking lot. Rodriguez was on his bicycle and says he enjoys just watching the sideshows, "the danger is caused by stupidity of others. I mean it's the dumb drivers, I guess."

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