Consumer Catch-up: Drug prices rising, card skimmer warning, Gmail privacy

Drug prices on the rise

Prices are going up for dozens of drugs.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer this week announced price hikes for drugs that treat everything from blood pressure to lung cancer.

This is the second time this year Pfizer has raised its prices. Some of those increases are now topping ten percent.

Card skimmer warning

The U.S. Secret Service is warning drivers about a surge in criminals targeting gas pumps with credit card skimmers.

The warning comes as almost 40 million Americans hit the road for the Fourth of July holiday.

Credit card skimmers copy your card information when you pay at the pump. In some cases, the information can be sent wirelessly to the scammer.

Officials say they are seeing thousands of customers becoming victims every day.

Gmail app privacy concerns

App developers may have access to Gmail users' private data, including messages.

That's according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. It says companies and third-party developers have access to the information.

Gmail users can change this setting under the "Apps with account access" privacy section.

Samsung phone glitch

A glitch with some Samsung Galaxy phones is causing them to send your entire photo library to random people in your contact list.

Users tell TechCrunch the default texting app on Galaxy devices sent the photos and scheduled text messages, but there was no record of the messages being sent.

Many complaints are from people who are T-Mobile customers. To stop the problem, you have to disable the Samsung Messages app.

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