Reopening California: Newsom's Phase 2 shelter-in-place guidelines confuse business owners, customers

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Business owners and customers in the Bay Area are confused about what can open now that Gov. Gavin Newsom has said California is moving into Phase 2 of its shelter-in-place restrictions.

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Curt Blomstrand of Walnut Creek went to a florist Tuesday morning looking to buy a bouquet for his wife, who had eye surgery.

"I thought maybe you could go in there, but I see it is closed," Blomstrand said.

Florists are on the governor's list of what could possibly re-open as early as Friday. Blomstrand thinks they should be allowed to open.

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"We could work within the parameters. You could go to the store you could wear your mask," he said.

But the manager at the Oakland Flower Market says it is clear, florists aren't sure what to expect. Some started calling the market right away to place more orders in anticipation of opening.

"They are very excited, but they are cautious at the same time. Nobody knows what to anticipate anymore," said manager Leechin Phmah.

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They're cautious because Governor Newsom left the door open for county officials to make the final call.

"We are not telling locals that feel it's too soon, too fast, to modify. We believe those local communities that have separate timelines should be afforded the capacity to advance those timelines. For example, the Bay Area. Northern California. They have guidelines that are a little more strict than these guidelines. If they choose not to come into compliance with the state guidelines, they have that right," Newsom said.

Florists say they feel like they are in limbo between the state and the county. Some are hesitant to place a big order, just to have to throw them away if their county says they will stay closed.

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"Everybody is very cautious," Phmah said. "They are playing it by ear to see what orders come in. And some want to do it, and place an order, and try to wing it and just do it,"

Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Andersen said county leaders find the governor's statement vague. She says county health officers around the Bay Area are in conversation about what to do. She says they are all leaning toward not re-opening yet, but will look to Newsom for more clarification.

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