7 On Your Side: Woman applies for job, ends up in crime ring

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A local mom who wanted to work at home applied for a job on a well-known job site and wound up involved in a crime ring.

A young North Bay mother wanted to work at home so she could be with her baby and quickly found herself involved in a global crime ring. She came to 7 On Your Side hoping to warn you a valuable lesson -- just because a job is listed on a well-known job site, doesn't mean it's for real.

Kalyn Nasser of Vallejo wanted to find a stay at home job, so she could stay at home with her little boy. She posted a resume on CareerBuilder.com, and soon after, a terrific opportunity came.

"I thought this was a new open door for stay at home jobs. It was very simple," Nasser said.

A company called Baywide Courier offered her a job shipping packages to its customers and she'd get $2,500 per month.

Nasser explained, "I'm receiving packages, taking pictures of them, put the new label on there and then take it to the post office."

Boxes began arriving at her house. She'd open them up, examine the merchandise, and then send them off.

"So I got brake rotors, iPads and a Toulouse wedding ring, and then the two GoPro4s," she said.

Nasser showed us pictures of all the merchandise and where it was going. Nasser said, "The car parts went to Russia, and then the wedding ring and the shoes also went to Russia."

But a month later it was time for her first paycheck from Baywide Courier, but when she tried to log onto the website, it kicked her out. She said, "Right then and there I knew something was wrong, but I was just praying."

She Googled Baywide Courier and found the company in Washington. However, that business never hired Nasser. Instead, a scam artist was using the company's name, even linking itself to the real company's BBB report and it has an A+ rating.

It turns out Nasser was unwittingly helping an international crime ring funnel stolen goods into Russia.

U.S. Postal Inspector Jeff Fitch told 7 On Your Side, "This is a textbook work-at-home scheme."

He says it appears con artists ordered all the merchandise with stolen credit cards. They had it shipped first to Nasser to avoid suspicion. If police investigated, the trail would lead them right to the young mother.

"There is a chance for somebody to arrest you," Fitch said.

Nasser says she was shocked that a scam was operating through CareerBuilder.com.

"I believe they should have it bold somewhere. It's a possibility that scammers may be able to get your resume," Nasser said.

CareerBuilder told 7 On Your Side it does scan job listings looking for suspicious job offers, saying "CareerBuilder takes the issue of fraudulent activity very seriously."

For now, Nasser is focusing on her real stay-at-home job -- taking care of her son.

Nasser's story has triggered at least two investigations. CareerBuilder is using our report to track down and remove this particular scam. And postal inspectors are tracking down who paid for the postage and what credit cards were used to order merchandise.

Thanks to Nasser, we might have slowed down some bad guys.
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