Newsom's office details initial results of CHP officer surge in Oakland area, leading to 71 arrests

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Newsom's office details results of CHP officer surge in Oakland area
Between February 5 and 9, CHP did a temporary surge operation using the 120 officers that were deployed to Oakland and the East Bay, where Gov. Newsom says "crime will not go unchecked."

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Newsom's office has announced dozens of arrests after the recent CHP officer surge in Oakland and the East Bay.

It was only last week when it was announced that 120 CHP officers would be deployed to the Oakland area on top of a group of state prosecutors, and they've been busy.

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Between February 5 and 9, CHP did a temporary surge operation using these officers. The Governor's office says this surge resulted in a total of 71 suspects arrested, 145 stolen vehicles recovered, and four crime-linked firearms seized.

They say beyond the surge, the CHP now has 72 officers assigned to the greater Oakland area.

VIDEO: Gov. Newsom deploying 120 more CHP officers to Oakland in effort to crack down on crime

Governor Gavin Newsom says he is sending additional California Highway Patrol officers to Oakland in an effort to crack down on violent crime.

Suspects were arrested for a number of things including possession of stolen property, auto theft, drug possession, driving under the influence and more.

This also includes the arrest of the suspect involved in a viral video of a Berkeley Apple Store smash-and-grab, where dozens of iPhones were stolen.

"Seventy-one? People think that's nothing, that's actually something, that's a difference right there," Salmex Ayala, co-owner of Café Cordoba said.

At a Coffee with a Cop event in the Fruitvale District, business owners surrounded by officers from CHP and other agencies reacted to this news.

"Our officers are on top of their job and bringing more people in because that's what they need, an extra hand from our neighbors so I'm extra grateful for that, everyone is helping us here in Oakland," Ayala said. "My thought is, keep on going guys, you guys are doing an amazing job."

While others say this is the shot in the arm that Oakland has been needing.

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"To have those things happen to you can be a big issue in trying to recruit a workforce so knowing that there's been such an impact so quickly, it satisfies so many areas in your heart and your soul," William Crotinger, President of Argent Materials said. "The people you work with, your neighbors, your business can continue, things are getting better in such a measurable way."

Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo says it's police work like this that needs to continue.

"I'm not surprised by the numbers of people being arrested and hopefully the Highway Patrol will continue as they did in years past, be present daily, here on the state highways, here on our streets and not only in their cars but also on their motorcycles," Gallo said.

In a statement, Governor Newsom said:

"Through coordinated efforts with local partners and increased deployment, CHP is making a difference and making Oakland and the East Bay safer. We're sending a clear message: crime will not go unchecked in Oakland and East Bay neighborhoods."

We don't yet know if charges have been filed against any of the people arrested last week or when the DA plans to file charges.

The Governor's office says the CHP will keep an increased presence in the East Bay and will continue to do unannounced surge operations in high crime areas.

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