Delta variant becomes latest wedding crasher, pushing dates back yet again

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Friday, July 30, 2021
Delta variant may force couples to reschedule weddings, again
Many couples-to be had to cancel wedding plans last year at the height of the pandemic and now, may have to reschedule all over again.

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Fears over the Delta variant are sending shockwaves throughout the Bay Area's million-dollar wedding industry.

Many couples-to be had to cancel wedding plans last year at the height of the pandemic and now, some are getting cold feet about their newly rescheduled wedding plans.

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Bay Area wedding planner Alicia Falango is talking about nervous brides and grooms-to-be, unsure about their wedding dates, which have been postponed over and over and now, may be changed yet again due to that wedding crasher, the Delta variant.

"Still a lot of unknowns, people are getting nervous about the Delta, asking us to move up events sooner when things are still allowed," said Falango.

The fear is another lockdown, but speeding up the big day is tough when there's no venue available to party.

"People are completely booked out," said Falango.

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Ian Johnstone and his wife Samantha from Marin County got married last summer, but postponed the reception until October 2021, when it was safe to gather. Now that's uncertain.

"We're talking about requiring everyone to be vaccinated, just to be extra safe," said Johnstone.

Wedding planner Corina Beczner has clients who want rapid COVID testing done outside their wedding venue for all guests going to the chapel.

"This is the way it is, making sure everyone is safe, once alcohol is involved, the masks come off," said Beczner.

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The best advice to avoiding the wedding bell blues, is, be flexible.

"They need to have a back up plan to the back up plan," Falango added.

That means being open to keeping your wedding small and moving the date up to next year, even 2023 if you can.

Or there's always another option planners are offering, eloping.

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