Bay Area in better shape than most of the country as COVID-19 cases increase, Stanford doctor says

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Monday, November 2, 2020
COVID-19: Bay Area is doing better than most of US, doctor says
COVID-19 cases are rising in 48 states and several countries are seeing a case spike resulting in new lockdowns. However, one Stanford doctor says the Bay Area is in much better shape, but there are still concerns going into the holiday season.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- COVID-19 cases are rising in 48 states. Nebraska and Delaware are the only two where cases aren't increasing.

Several countries are also seeing a case spike resulting in new lockdowns in Europe. England is expected to enter a new national lockdown on Thursday with bars, restaurants and many businesses being forced to close once again.

California reported more than 4,500 new cases of the novel coronavirus Sunday which is higher than the daily average. The 14-day average is around 4,200 cases.

However, compared to the rest of the U.S., a Stanford doctor says that the Bay Area is in much better shape, but he does still have concerns.

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Sunday night there were very few paper towels left at the Target store in Pleasant Hill. The same story with baby wipes, just a couple of packages left.

"I definitely think there is going to be a rise, there's a bunch of people I've seen I know having parties and not socially distancing," says Ashley Dionne who was just getting to Target when we spoke with her.

Devynn Thomas says many people aren't taking the virus as seriously as they once were, "I think the second wave is going to hit us way harder than the first wave did."

According to doctors at Stanford. This doesn't appear to be the second wave. It appears to be the third. While there is concern among those we talked with, Stanford's Dr. Dean Winslow says the Bay Area is in much better shape than the state and the country.

"At this point, my sense is though that we're going to be okay here in the Bay Area cause all of the county public health departments have approached this in a very careful and evidence-based way," says Dr. Winslow.

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While we may see certain things like water and paper towels flying off the shelves, Dr. Winslow doesn't think we'll see another shutdown, but he is in favor of a national face-covering mandate. He also recommends COVID-19 tests before any holiday family gathering and within 72-hours of that gathering.

"If you have just one person that is actively shedding the virus in a crowded indoor environment everyone will likely get sick," says Dr. Winslow.

To be fair, toilet paper at this Target and this Martinez, California Walmart was in stock, but just the fact that things like paper towels, water, and wipes were running low is upsetting to many.

"To hoard things is not the right way to do it. They'll have plenty if you just practice what you normally do," says shopper Shirley Larson.

Dr. Winslow believes there is COVID-19 fatigue out there that has contributed to the recent rise in cases around the globe. People not taking the virus as seriously as they should because they are tired of the restrictions.

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