Coronavirus outbreak: Flight with evacuees from China departs Travis Air Force Base

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Friday, February 7, 2020
Flight from with coronavirus evacuees from China departs Travis Air Force Base
A flight from Wuhan, China landed at Travis Air Force Base this morning. Coronavirus evacuees were checked out for symptoms and then some of them took off for Texas.

Another flight carrying coronavirus has departed Travis Air Force Base.

Kalitta Air flight 377 came directly from Wuhan, China. The plane touched down at the military base just after 3 a.m. to refuel.

Passengers were screened for the virus, before flying to Texas and then to their final destination in Nebraska.

Officials said anyone who showed symptoms will be kept at Travis and join the 178 other evacuees who came earlier this week and are now in quarantine.

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Evacuees are also being taken to Canada. The plane departed Vancouver last night, after re-fueling. This plane is now headed to Ontario, Canada where passengers will spend 14 days under quarantine. Another plane is stopping in Vancouver this morning, before coming to San Diego.

More travel restrictions are coming soon to keep the virus from spreading. By February 16, SFO and Mineta San Jose Airport will have no flights servicing China.

Immigration lawyer James Cai says many people with U.S. work visas are stuck overseas.

"We have a high-level executive, he cannot come back because he's not yet a citizen, he's holding an L1 visa," said Cai.

Cai says many of his clients rely on H1B visas for half of their workforce. Those companies will likely be impacted.

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