Bay Area coronavirus survivor describes her journey toward recovery -- COVID-19 Diaries

ByJericho Saria KGO logo
Thursday, September 17, 2020
COVID-19 Diaries: From Fever to Recovery
From cancer to COVID-19, Bay Area resident María Leticia Gómez describes symptoms, self-isolation, and recovery 6 months later.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On March 13, Bay Area resident María Leticia Gómez felt feverish.

She immediately texted her husband, ABC7 News Multimedia Producer Juan Carlos Guerrero.

"You know, just hearing that with everything that's going on just kind of sent, chills down my spine," said Guerrero.

Coronavirus Diary: Quarantined SF family shares daily updates about what it's like to be tested, isolated due to COVID-19 fears

Gómez began chronicling her journey as she navigated COVID-19 testing, waiting for results, and encompassing feelings of uncertainty.

On March 22, Gómez tested positive for COVID-19, as one of the earliest cases of coronavirus in the nation. She spent two weeks in quarantine to recover from some of adverse effects of the coronavirus. The isolation reminded her of the time she spent at home after cancer treatment in 2018.

"I was homebound for a year and a half. But even through the most difficult times of radiation and chemotherapy, I always managed to go to the table to have dinner," said Gómez. "Now I'm isolated in this bedroom. It kind of sends me back to those days, and those are days I want to forget."

Six months later, ABC7 spoke with Gómez to discuss her journey toward full recovery and how the virus disproportionately affects the Latino community.

COVID-19 Diaries is an ABC7 Originals limited series that shares the personal stories of Bay Area people as we work together to cope with coronavirus and re-define what it means to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.