EXCLUSIVE: Inside dramatic Daly City cliff rescue by CHP chopper crew

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Saturday, May 21, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Inside dramatic Daly City cliff rescue
Jaw-dropping video captured the moment a CHP chopper crew rescued a man near Daly City's Mussel Rock Beach but reaching him wasn't easy.

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- ABC7 News is learning new details about a dramatic cliff rescue in Daly City where a California Highway Patrol chopper crew rescued a man clinging to a ledge Thursday afternoon in windy conditions.

It was a jaw-dropping moment when a CHP chopper crew rescued the man near Mussel Rock Beach but reaching him wasn't easy.

"We had to do a short search, we weren't sure where he was on the cliff we couldn't see him," said Pilot Brent Marker.

Marker says the man was finally spotted midway down the steep cliff.

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"He was in a very precarious spot, 500 feet down a 900 foot cliff," said Marker.

SKY7 captured the unfolding drama as the CHP flight crew got ready to rescue the man who had fallen from the top but weather conditions were working against this mission.

"We were battling 30-40 knot winds," Marker added.

Flight officer and Paramedic David Arias, was lowered from the chopper on a tether, he recorded the entire rescue with a GoPro on his helmet. At first, the man is seen grabbing onto Officer Aria's legs.

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"He grabbed onto me, dangerous thing he did, if I swung away from him, potentially he'd fallen off the cliff," said Arias.

Seconds later - success.

"I told him to stay put on the cliff, he was able to get into harness and help me out," said Arias.

The man was lifted off the cliff to safety and soon was back on solid ground.

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"Miraculously, he had only scrapes and bruises, that's about it," Arias said.

The man was taken to the hospital as a precaution but not before thanking this Napa-based flight CHP flight crew for their help.

"He was pretty grateful to see us and ready to get off the cliff for sure."

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