Heartbroken SJ man wants accountability after surveillance video captures dog killing cat

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Surveillance video captures dog attacking, killing cat in San Jose
"I lost my best friend, my companion, the only thing I had," a San Jose man said of his 9-year-old cat Tootie Pootie, which was killed by a dog. Animal Control is now releasing surveillance video, hoping the dog owner comes forward.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Animal control is investigating after a dog killed a cat over the weekend in San Jose, the owner of the cat hopes surveillance video of the attack is a reminder to be responsible pet owners.

San Jose resident Chris Fowler said his nine-year-old cat, Tootie Pootie, was outside sunning when all of a sudden he heard the commotion.

Surveillance video shows a girl getting pulled by her dog who lunged after his cat. Seconds later Fowler tried to intervene.

"All I keep getting is the images in my head of her in his mouth just being shook around vigorously," Fowler said.

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Fowler's cat succumbed to her injuries later that day. Fowler says saying goodbye was extremely hard.

"I lost my best friend, my companion, the only thing I had I don't have no family. I'm lost, I'm heartbroken, traumatized by the whole event I'm sure they are too," Fowler said.

The owners seen in the video left after the attack.

Jay Terrado, Deputy Director with Animal Services said what's important is finding who the owner is and finding out if the dog has a history.

"We could pursue a dangerous dog hearing, and if the dog is deemed a dangerous dog then it's going to have to undergo some pretty strict restrictions," Terrado said.

Terrado said there's a long list of requirements once you have a designation.

"So you'd have to have insurance, you have to have a muzzle, the dog has to get fixed if it's not fixed and you have to apply for a special dog permit," Terrado said.

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Terrado says it's important for dog owners to have control over dogs in their normal state and when they get excited.

"With many large dogs, you definitely want to make sure you are able to physically control that dog. Because as you can see, what I've seen so far on the video there's definitely a loss of control," Terrado said.

Fowler is spreading the word about what happened so nobody else goes through this.

"I feel for them and I feel for the animal as well because now he's in trouble- or she I'm not sure what it was- but you know there's going to be consequences and I just want awareness and accountability," Fowler said.

Animal Services is encouraging the dog owner to come forward.

"We ask that the owner come forward and it is something that we will educate them on the process," Terrado said.

You can help Chris Fowler with vet bills at his GoFundMe page.

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