Dog dies from saltwater poisoning after trip to the beach

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Dog dies from saltwater poisoning at beach
Dog dies from saltwater poisoning at beach

TAMPA, Florida -- A dog owner is heartbroken after losing his beloved 7-year-old lab to saltwater poisoning after a day at a dog beach.

The lab, nicknamed "O.G.," was Chris Taylor's best buddy. The dog loved water.

"He's my family. He's just so goofy and just always excited to see me when I came through the door," Taylor told WFLA.

After spending hours at the beach on Monday, Taylor says the lab started to have stomach issues and was lethargic all day Tuesday.

By Wednesday, the pup wasn't eating or responsive, WFLA reported.

Taylor rushed him to the vet, but it was too late.

"I saw him last night and he was convulsing. I asked if he was in pain, she said 'I don't even think he knows where he is,'" Taylor said.

Experts say when dogs ingest large amounts of saltwater, the saltwater can cause severe brain damage, dehydration and seizures.

Dr. Katy Meyer, with Tampa Bay Emergency Veterinary Services, said when sodium levels get really high, they affect the brain and your pet's life is in danger.

"When the brain gets affected, the whole body gets affected," she said.

Meyer recommends to keep the trip to the beach with your dog to two hours, taking breaks every 30 minutes and having plenty of fresh water for your four-legged family member.