Ask Finney: Engine replace & repair issues, inaccurate credit report after divorce, costly mail mix-up

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Question 1:

Greg R. asks: I got a new engine and battery, but my dealership wouldn't put them in my car. I paid $12,000 for a local auto shop to do it. I then got a low power engine alert after 500 miles. The shop put in a new sensor, but there are still problems and the dealership won't help. What can I do?

Answer 1:

I want you to talk to those who put in the engine. You paid $12,000 and you're a good customer. Tell them I told you that. You usually get a warranty with a new engine install. Did you? What are the conditions? If you don't like the answers you get, contact me here at the station. I may have you report this to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. But, let's try the other steps first.

Question 2:

Sinoda asks: My credit score and reports are not accurate. My bank still has information from when I was married, like our home. We settled that my ex-wife would have the house after our divorce. What do I do?

Answer 2:

A divorce decree does not remove a debt from your credit score for either a house or car. You will need to transfer the title. If the credit reporting agencies don't show the change within two months, you should contact them with the paperwork and get things straightened out. The bureaus will then have 30 days to verify that information and set things straight. But, just to underline, the divorce settles the matter between you two, not between you two and lenders.

Question 3:

Greg from Hillsborough asks: I ordered an Internet hot spot for my home in Clear Lake and asked for my bill to be sent to my business in San Leandro. They sent the bill to Clear Lake then cancelled my account for non-payment and expect me to pay a $305 fee. Is there anything I can do?

Answer 3:

Tell them there was a mistake and that you are a good customer and want to sign-up again. This is a competitive area of our economy. If they don't want to budge, contact me here at the station and they will generally do it for me if I ask. I will need you to put together all the paperwork, so we can see it was a mistake and not just a refusal to pay.
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