Crews consider flooding Pittsburg marsh land to extinguish fire causing poor air quality

"It got so bad I had to turn my lights on."

ByRyan Curry KGO logo
Thursday, July 14, 2022
Crews consider flooding Pittsburg marsh to extinguish smoky fire
Fire officials say the only way to put out the smoke-filled marsh in the Pittsburg and Bay Point area is to flood it as bad air quality continues.

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews continue to battle the marsh fire burning on the Pittsburg and Bay Point border on Thursday.

They say forward progress is stopped, but there are spots of the land still smoldering, which is causing smoke to still rise and affect nearby neighborhoods.

"It got so bad, I had to turn my lights on," said Antioch resident Laurie Payne referring to the smoke.

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Contra Costa fire crews are responding to a vegetation fire burning in Pittsburg on Saturday.

Contra Costa Fire says they only way to put out the fire officially is to flood the marshland. They say they cannot get crews on the ground because the land can sink several feet at any minute.

They are working with the property owner and local officials to make sure they get clearance to flood the area still smoldering.

"I know they are trying, but they need to put the fire out," Payne said. "I have allergy-related asthma and this smoke is making it worse."

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Contra Costa Health put out an advisory to residents about the bad air quality. They are advising people to limit time outside because the smoke is covering nearby towns.

However, residents like Payne don't have air conditioning and have to battle with smelling the smoke or having a hot house.

"When you are at home you have to keep your windows and doors closed," she said. "They just have to find a way to put this out."

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