Eastbound Highway 37 reopens after flooding forced full closure, westbound still closed

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Thursday, February 28, 2019
Flooding caused temporary closure of Highway 37 in Novato
Flooding caused a commuter nightmare Tuesday morning, forcing the closure of Highway 37 in Novato.

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- It was another typical wet weather day in Marin County-- except for Highway 37, a main east-west corridor. It was closed for most of the day.

The Eastbound section of the highway re-opened just in time for the evening commute. Highway 37 this morning, between Atherton Avenue and 101 in Novato, was totally closed in both directions because it was flooded.

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A truck loaded with lumber didn't quite make it through the flood waters.

The flooding all started a couple of weeks ago when a levee cracked and flooded the field nearby, sending torrents of water onto the highway. Caltrans repaired the breach.

This time, the flooding happened on another part of the highway not far from the former break.

"With this last storm that came through, the sheer amount of water has caused a lot more flooding now," said CHP public information officer Andrew Barclay.

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This time, Novato Creek, which runs underneath, overflowed its banks and flooded both sides of Highway 37, a major artery in Marin.

"So all of our morning commute traffic which is usually, for us coming from east going west, is all detoured down Atherton," added Officer Barclay.

Bumper to bumper commute traffic on Atherton Avenue, a two-lane road-- a nightmare for commuters. But elsewhere in Marin, Officer Barclay says it was a typical wet weather day.

"We've had small mudslides. We've had tree calls. We've had flooding calls. Our normal wet weather calls."

Like San Antonio Road not far from highway 101. It too had flooded but by Wednesday afternoon, the water had receded. Still, the water level in nearby rivers and creeks was dangerously high.

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Caltrans says when the water begins receding more, crews will bring in pumps to remove the rest of the water from the westbound section of the highway.

Hopefully, it too will re-open in time for the morning commute.

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