Road trip to Tomales Bay

Point Reyes is the perfect getaway for the day! Stunning scenery, delicious food and outdoor fun is just what you need!

Tomales Bay Oyster Company
15479 Shoreline Highway
Marshall, CA 94940
(415) 663-1243

They specialize in fresh farmed oysters, clams & mussels from the cool, clean waters of Tomales Bay, Drakes Bay & the Pacific Northwest.

Toluma Farms and Tomales Farmstead Creamery
5488 Middle Road
Tomales, CA 94971

Owners David Jablons and Tamara Hicks (along with their two daughters, Josy and Emmy) purchased the 160-acre property in 2003. They spent the first four years focussed on significant land restoration. Since the property was a cow dairy for many generations, the Hicks-Jablons family decided to restore the land's dairy operations. Thus, the property transitioned to a goat and sheep dairy in 2007. In 2012, thanks to a grant from USDA Rural Development and capital from the land trust with Marin Agriculture Land Trust, Toluma Farms began their third and final phase: making their own cheese (Tomales Farmstead Creamery).

Featured Cheeses:
Assa (meaning "woman"): An aged (6 weeks - 6 months) hard goat cheese.
Atika (meaning "two"): An aged sheep/goat mixed milk cheese.
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