Coronavirus Outbreak: 6 dead, 53 infected with COVID-19 at Hayward assisted living facility

HAYWARD,Calif. (KGO) -- Six patients have now been confirmed dead of the novel coronavirus at the Gateway Care & Rehabilitation Facility in Hayward.

Thirty-five patients tested positive for COVID-19 along with 24 staffers. All six people who died were patients.

"Something like this we should have been made aware of right away," says Jaime Patino.

Patino is a Union City Councilmember who was visiting his 85-year-old grandmother Emma on Wednesday. He couldn't go into her room but stood outside a sliding glass door to interact with her.

She's healthy but says he only knew of one death linked to the virus, not five like he heard about today in the news.

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"It's just hard because I want to know who the hell is running the place over here because no one has told us," said Patino.

Guadalupe Tafolla's wife is an employee at the facility who tested positive for the virus. She's okay, been in quarantine for a week, but Guadalupe says her boss is already talking about a return that he says is not going to happen.

"Why the boss tell her she has to come back to work? No way!"

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Tafolla says he doesn't think it's safe for his wife to go back.

His wife told him everyone inside the facility was tested after the fire department responded to a COVID-19 case more than a week ago. Since that time the death toll has risen to six.

As for Patino, he says his grandmother is hanging in there the best she can, "It's a trying time right now because my grandmother is up there in age but she is doing well she doesn't have a fever just the regular aches and pains that a normal 85 year old would have."

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