Young South Bay resident raises money, creates Halloween goodie bags for children who lost homes in NorCal wildfires

Aarna Chalasani, 9, decided she was going to do her part to help bring a smile to those affected by raising money and matching donations from her piggy bank.
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- At ABC7 News, we highlight the people out in the community who are working to Build a Better Bay Area.

The good deeds come in many ways and from many types of people.

Now, a nine-year-old South Bay resident is putting up money from her own piggy bank to help those in need.

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The images of the devastating wildfires burning in Northern California touch viewers in different ways.

Aarna Chalasani wanted to make difference.

"When I was checking the news and I saw the fires were burning, I felt really sad that the homes and neighborhoods were burning," Aarna said. "So, I just wanted to bring them a little smile."

She started a GoFundMe page with a goal of $100 with each dollar raised to be matched from her own piggy bank.

In just a few days, the total was more than quadrupled of her original goal.

"We're really proud because it's something that we never thought and it never even crossed our minds that we could help in this way," Aarna's mother Loukya said.

"I see, with my sister, some cartoons that there are many people helping and also in real life people are helping, so I wanted to help," Aarna said.

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Proceeds of donations will head straight to the life saving work of the American Red Cross, the other money will go towards an idea of Aarna's creation: holiday goody bags.

"I just want to give them some nice goodies for Halloween," Aarna said.

In times of need, the good people of the world step up and ask what can I do.

Even the youngest can make a difference.

"I'm in a house in a pandemic wanting to make everyone happy in this pandemic," Aarna said. "So, if I could do it, you also can try to do it."

To get involved, visit Aarna's GoFundMe page here.
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