Coronavirus kindness: 11-year-old San Jose artist sells artwork to raise money for Martha's Kitchen food bank

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Young San Jose artist sells artwork to raise money for Martha's Kitchen
11-year-old Maansi Ranjan watches ABC7 News nightly with her family. When she saw the long lines at food banks, she decided to sell her artwork to raise funds to help ease the demand of the non-profits.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Food banks across the country have been in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic and they are in need of help to keep up the supply.

Now, a young San Jose resident is using her talents to support the cause.

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Maansi Ranjan watches ABC7 News with her family every night.

They watch to stay informed, but one night the images spoke to 11-year-old Maansi in a different way.

"On TV there was the huge lines going for miles with cars outside of food banks," Maansi said. "It made me want to do something to help, not just watch."

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So she went to what she knows best: art.

Maansi was already selling art, on a website that she created, to raise money for kids without art supplies, but with her priorities now in focus, she switched gears to help ease the burden on food banks.

"I was really happy to see that she transformed her hobbies and passions to do something for the community," Maansi's father Rakesh Ranjan said.

"It's a lot of fun to make the art in general and it's nice to see the cause that I'm supporting," Maansi said.

That cause is Martha's Kitchen in San Jose.

"My jaw dropped at first given that she was only 11-years-old," Martha's Kitchen Executive Director Bill Lee said. "To see an 11-year-old girl, not only want to help, but to go that far with such a well thought out plan to produce the art, sell it on the website and donate to take care of people that she's never met and probably will never meet just blew me away."

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After visiting the kitchen, Maansi was more inspired than ever to help a group that gives back so much to others.

Martha's Kitchen produces 2,800 prepared meals per day for people in need and all the donations from Maansi's artwork will go to that cause.

Maansi has sold more than $200 of art and wants to raise $1,000 total.

Now she hopes someone will see her story on the news and want give back as well.

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"I want people to know that there's so much you can do if you put your talents to a good cause," Maansi said. "You can help so many people and they'll be grateful for it."

If you want to purchase some of Maansi's artwork, visit her website here.

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