CHP: Motorcyclists block traffic with disruptive sideshow on Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge

Byby Melanie Woodrow KGO logo
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
CHP: Motorcyclists hold disruptive sideshow on Bay Area bridges
The CHP says they made at least one arrest after hundreds of motorcyclists reportedly disrupted traffic with coordinated sideshows on both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge over the weekend.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Hundreds of motorcyclists reportedly disrupted traffic on both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge last weekend with coordinated sideshows. California Highway Patrol says they made at least one arrest, though they're not certain if that motorcyclist was part of the bigger group.

According to the CHP, the arrest came after the motorcyclist crashed into several vehicles and then burst into flames. Officers say the motorcyclist denied being part of the larger group that stopped traffic.

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A sideshow in July involved a couple of Mustangs, but officials say this weekend's sideshow on the Golden Gate Bridge involved approximately 200 motorcyclists.

"They were doing wheelies and burnouts and donuts and all of that," said Golden Gate Bridge Manager Kary Witt. "We did hear from a number of eyewitnesses that a number of these motorcycles did in fact crash."

The sideshow began shortly after the Blue Angels wrapped their air show Saturday, frustrating drivers.

When asked about the possibility of being stuck behind a sideshow commuter Karla Alvord said, "That would be a nightmare on the bridge."

The sideshows are also affecting law enforcement.

"You just never know what could happen," said CHP spokesperson Vu Williams.

Officers say they received calls about a sideshow on the Bay Bridge as well.

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Williams said there were, "Probably about 40 to 50 motorcyclists."

Most of the motorcyclists were wearing helmets and their bikes had no plates, which made them difficult to identify.

"It's almost over before you know it," said Witt. "They were on the bridge for less than three minutes."

One Bay Bridge motorcyclist was easier to catch.

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Officer Williams said the motorcyclist, "Collided to several different vehicles and then dropped his motorcycle to the ground. The motorcycle burst into flames."

The motorcyclist ran, but CHP caught him nearby. Officers say it's unclear if that motorcyclist was part of the bigger sideshow.

"It's not just harmless fun," said Witt.

Alvord added, "It's not a safe place to feel like you can't move your car."

This is especially true during one of the busiest bridge traffic weekends of the year.