San Francisco company Dryft offers virtual workouts during COVID-19 shelter-in-place

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- With much of the Bay Area at home, a lot of you might have some extra energy to burn off, so how do you get in a good workout, while practicing social distancing?

The way to workout is changing. Cassidy Thompson is a personal trainer with Dryft, a mobile fitness studio founded right here in the Bay Area.

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Today, she held her first ever virtual workout class with more than 70 people following along remotely.

"I had my friends from LA, I had my mom in her office, there was basically no excuse for them to workout with me because they could workout from their own homes," said Thompson. "Health and wellness is incredibly important. I think it's great in times of stress. People need to get moving especially when they are feeling kind of sad in these hard times."

"We decided to do something different because we knew we would be pausing classes with everything going on. We rolled out this brand new live interactive fitness class," added Dryft founder Nathaniel Jewell

Through an app on the phone, the workout was streamed live to rave reviews.

"I think it's a great idea because it sort of brings people together in a form where they are safe and some of my coworkers were hopping in and out of the back room when I was doing this," said Jill Gunter who participated in the workout from her office.

Ryan Nevarez and Alana Weinroth streamed the workout from their home in Los Angeles.

"It's also nice because since we are in quarantine, it's good for us to get some energy out so we are good with being in the same space for a long period of time," said Nevarez.

"There is something really cool that can come out of this and if online workouts are a new thing for people, that's a really beautiful thing that can come out of this time," said Weinroth.

For more on Dryft you can follow them on all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram searching "Let's Dryft."

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