Illegal fireworks and gunfire plague the streets of Oakland this 4th of July

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- From the Oakland Hills, the pops, bangs, and booms are nonstop. Those are the sounds of illegal fireworks, as well as possible gunfire, ringing out from Oakland this 4th of July.

Linh Pham lives in Oakland and said, "It gets really loud. We hear gunshot noises and fireworks but more gunshots."

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One woman said will keep her dog inside all night because of the commotion. She's not the only one.

Maya Scott-Shung will do the same. "

I'm never happy my kitties are freaked out and for the people with PTSD and experiences of gun violence it's hard."

It's been a busy night for Oakland police who are out in force and have upped patrols specifically for the holiday.

Captain Randy Wingate said, "I think some of the biggest concerns for the night is people getting injured from illegal fireworks, people getting shot from celebratory gunfire and the fire danger."

ABC7 News was there, on East 17th street as officers raided a home and found illegal fireworks, drugs, and a high powered rifle.

The fireworks are brought to a designated drop off areas, like the one on International Boulevard, where the fire department will store them and later dispose of them.
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