Tweet sparks generosity that becomes Helping Hands

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Tweet sparks generosity that becomes Helping Hands
Inglewood's Helping Hands was created to help assist those going through hard times, and has turned into a much-needed resource, especially during the pandemic.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. -- It started with a tweet in 2017. Kaitlyn Parhm asked for canned goods to help feed the hungry. The response was immediate. With an overload of responses, she was inspired to create Helping Hands, a nonprofit to help those in need in the city of Inglewood.

"My focus during the pandemic has been keeping people off the streets, it's been providing them with the help they need," said Parhm.

Food, basic toiletries, clothing and helping the homeless is part of Helping Hands' mission. They also host community events.

"Every community needs someone that's willing to help when we can't help ourselves," said Leslie Frison, a Los Angeles resident.

Because her nonprofit relies heavily on donations, Parhm said the pandemic has been tough because people aren't able to donate as much. However, she recently started selling sweatshirts where she said 100 percent of the proceeds goes back to her nonprofit.