Memorial service held for SF firefighter Jason Cortez at Oracle Park

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Memorial service held for SF firefighter at Oracle Park
A memorial service took place for firefighter Jason Cortez at Oracle Park in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A private memorial for family and friends of San Francisco firefighter Jason Cortez took place at Oracle Park on Tuesday morning.

"Jason's life was one of service, period. Anyone who works on an ambulance for years and then transitions to the busiest engine company in the nation -- and is still in a good mood -- is all about service," said SFFD Fire Chief Jeanine Nicholson.

Cortez's family was presented with a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor.

A procession of police and firefighters escorted Cortez's body to Saint Ignatius Church Monday evening. Only Cortez's family and guests with an invitation were allowed inside.

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Cortez joined the San Francisco Fire Department in 2007. On Oct. 7, he was knocked over a third-floor railing by a water blast from a valve he had "inadvertently" opened during a training exercise, authorities said in a preliminary report. The report suggests that coronavirus precautions and restrictions were a contributing factor in Cortez's fall. Engine 3 conducted a pump training operation alone since multi-company drills are suspended due to COVID-19 concerns. Basically, there were four firefighters doing a training drill instead of the usual eight.

The 13-year veteran firefighter and paramedic is survived by his wife and two young children.

VIDEO: Paying respects to late SF firefighter, Jason Cortez

A San Francisco firefighter has died after falling three stories during training, SFFD officials said. Jason Cortez, 42, was a firefighter paramedic, husband, father and son of a retired SFFD firefighter.