Coronavirus: Jimmy Kimmel is live from quarantine, releases 'minilogues' from home

ByAndrea Lans OTRC logo
Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Jimmy Kimmel is live from quarantine
Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is still bringing in the laughs while practicing proper social distancing.

LOS ANGELES -- Jimmy Kimmel is still bringing in the laughs while practicing proper social distancing. Despite not filming "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" this week due to the new coronavirus, the late night host performed a 6-minute "minilogue" from his home office Tuesday evening.

"Hi, it's Jimmy. I hope you and your friends and your family are as well as can be expected in our new post-apocalyptic world," Kimmel said.

During his self-filmed video, Kimmel joked about being "incarcerated" at home with his two young children--a sentiment most parents are feeling right now, especially as they adapt to homeschooling.

The comedian also emphasized of the importance of streaming services during these tough times: "My blood type right now is Disney positive. Or Disney+, whatever they call it."

After watching the prematurely-released Disney movie "'Frozen 2' more times than the animators that drew it," Kimmel expressed his difficulties in finding activities to keep his children entertained during quarantine.

"We made macaroni necklaces yesterday," Kimmel said, "Today I ate them for lunch. That's how bad it's getting."

Kimmel continued to discuss celebrating St. Patrick's Day at home, how President Donald Trump is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots.

"This is as if Santa died on Christmas," Kimmel said of Brady's ill-timed announcement. As if we hadn't received enough bad news for one day.

In addition to filming "minilogues" for the duration of his quarantine, Kimmel will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day and encourages audience members to join him. On Tuesday, the host donated to No Kid Hungry, an organization that aims to provide children with healthy food, especially those who depended on school meals.

In these difficult times of social distancing, fans can look forward to Kimmel's dark humor nightly.