An employee's job market? Companies offer 4-figure bonuses to prospective workers

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Job Market: Companies offer 4-figure bonuses to prospective employees
Just one year ago, the nation struggled with double digit unemployment. Today employers are taking unprecedented measures to fill vacant positions

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- Just one year ago, the nation struggled with double digit unemployment. Today employers are taking unprecedented measures to fill vacant positions

Here's how you can take advantage.

Robin Ray Buscaino started at Amazon Air loading and unloading cargo planes several months ago.

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It's one of three job offers he considered.

Tameka McCullough of the staffing agency Adecco says Robin's story is not uncommon.

She says she's seeing multiple job offers in all sectors of the market.

"I'm seeing this in light industrial. I'm seeing it in administrative, clerical. I'm seeing it in technology positions. and even some in health care," she said.

To compete for employees, companies are offering signing bonuses.

We've found ads offering $1,000 bonuses for cargo handlers, warehouse team members and even home delivery drivers.

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That's on the low end.

Robin stands to get a $3,000 signing bonus if he stays on his job at Amazon Air for at least 6 months.

"When I applied, they actually sent me an email, I think, the following day or three days after, and they told me about the bonus. So that was actually a surprise to me," Robin said.

That's just one of many incentives being offered to entice applicants.

"They call it pandemic or surge or hazard pay where you're seeing an increase in their hourly wages and there's flex schedules that we're seeing- a lot of sign on bonuses that range anywhere from $250 to $5,000," said Tameka.

She hasn't seen these type of offers since the mid to late 1990s during the dot com boom.

But that was limited to just technology.

This time they're available across all sectors.

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For many job seekers, the sign on bonuses are a big factor.

"Some of these individuals, they know and they're shopping around for the best benefits," Tameka said.

Amazon Air already gave Robin his first $1,000 bonus. He'll get the remaining $2,000 after his sixth month on the job.

Robin says that additional money gives him something to look forward to.

"It definitely helps a lot with the bills that I'm paying and it helped me a ton."

Why the sudden boom in the job market? With many companies reopening, a glut of openings have flooded the market giving applicants plenty to choose.

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